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2040 Long Range Plan Update

Title VI
Non-Discrimination Policy

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Contact Information

Telephone: 321-690-6890
Address: Space Coast Transportation Planning Organization
2725 Judge Fran Jamieson Way; Bldg. B; Room 105, MS #82
Melbourne, FL 32940

Office Hours: 8:00AM-4:30PM Monday-Friday


TPO Executive Director / Executive Assistant:
TPO meetings and events. All questions concerning the meeting agenda or agenda package. Legislative policies, administrative issues and questions concerning the operation of the TPO Board and related committees.
Staff Director: Mr. Bob Kamm,
Executive Assistant: Ms. Carol Holden

Operations Manager:
Finance and Budget, Traffic Counts, Unified Planning Work Program, State of the System Report, and Contract Management.
Contact: Ms. Laura Carter

Principal Transportation Planner:
Multi-modal transportation options including: space launch and landing facilities, passenger rail, seaports, airports, public transit, and regional bike and pedestrian trails.
Contact: Ms. Leigh Holt

Transportation Program Specialist:
Long Range Transportation Plan, Transportation Improvement Program, Project Priorities, Public Involvement Plan, SCTPO Annual Report, and bicycle/pedestrian and sidewalk programs. Questions/comments concerning the SCTPO Newsletter or DOT construction projects/status.
Contact: Ms. Georganna Gillette

Bicycle/Pedestrian Education Specialist:
Bicycle/Pedestrian Safety Education programs, Safe Routes to School Programs, in-school bicycle/pedestrian safety education program, Walk to School day, website, bicycle rodeos, health and safety fairs, bicycle helmet program, bicycle/pedestrian educational videos for loan to community groups and schools, and bicycle/pedestrian safety brochures.
Contact: Ms. Kim Smith

Transportation Analyst:
Traffic counts, GIS Data, Central Florida Regional Planning Model, Crash Data Analysis, Annual Report, State of the System Report, E-News and TPO website.
Contact: Mr. Steven Bostel

Administrative Secretary:
Office support functions, vendor payments, purchase orders, travel, general questions concerning administrative issues.
Contact: Ms. Diana McCartney

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