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2040 Long Range Plan Update

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Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP)

At least every five years, the TPO is required to develop and adopt a Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP). The LRTP is the focal point of the TPO’s planning and programming activities. The Plan addresses a 20-year planning horizon (at a minimum) and includes long and short-range strategies and actions to support the development of an integrated intermodal transportation system that facilitates the safe and efficient movements of people and goods.

Identified transportation system needs are evaluated, and the Plan presents those priority projects which can reasonably be achieved given available and forecasted funds, as well as current and projected costs. The Plan is also the mechanism for connecting the Central Florida region’s vision to an official, coordinated implementation program of projects and actions.

Final Adopted 2035 LRTP
Entire Document is very large and has been broken into the following sections for faster downloading.

Executive Summary: Overview of Development Process, Anticipated 2035 System Capacity, 2035 Transportation System Needs, Needs Plan Cost Estimates, Financial Resources, and Cost Feasible Plan.

Mobility Assessment: About The SCTPO, About the LRTP, LRTP Planning Factors, Goals, Objectives, Performance Measures, and Targets, Community Engagement, Socio-Economic Conditions and Trends, Transportation System Performance, Congestion Reduction Strategies, Needs Plan, Needs Plan Cost Estimates, and Anticipated Financial Resources.

2035 Transportation Plan: Introduction, Cost Feasible Plan, Streets and Highways Element, Transit System Element, Bicycle, Pedestrian and Trails Element, Freight and Goods Movement Element, Congestion Management Element, Transportation System Safety Element, and Transportation System Security Element.


Appendix-A: Adoption Resolution

Appendix-B: Goals, Objectives, Measures, and Targets

Appendix-C: Public Participation Plan

Appendix-D: Community Engagement

Appendix-E: FDOT Model Calibration & Validation Results

Appendix-F: FLUAM LRTP SE Data Documentation

Appendix-G: SCTPO Socio-Economic Data

Appendix-H: Financial Resources

Appendix-I: Bicycle & Pedestrian Maps

Complete 2035 without Appendices: File is 6MB

Complete 2035 LRTP with Appendices: File is 25 MB and 426 pages. It will take some time to download.

2035 LRTP Planning Documents

2035 LRTP Documents presented at September TPO and TAC/CAC Meetings

LRTP Draft Cost Feasible List PowerPoint Presentation (.pdf)

LRTP Maps and Tables (.pdf)

2025 LRTP
Adopted 2025 LRTP

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