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2040 Long Range Plan Update

Title VI
Non-Discrimination Policy

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Other Committees

Growth Management Subcommittee (GMSC)

The Growth Management Subcommittee (GMSC) meets on an as needed basis, but at least once per year, to have in-depth discussions about transportation planning issues. GMSC members are local government and transportation agency planners or engineers and are generally members or alternates of the Technical Advisory Committee. Some issues addressed by the GMSC include:

  • Recommend Project Priorities to the TAC/CAC and TPO annually
  • Provide input to and review of socio-economic data used for the Long Range Transportation Plan and regional traffic model
  • discuss coordination of concurrency and other development and growth-related issues

For more information about the GMSC, including meeting dates, locations and topics, please contact TPO staff.

Traffic Operations Subcommitte (TOC)

The Traffic Operations Committee (TOC) meets on an as-needed basis to discuss traffic operations and management issues of interest to the TPO. The TOC members include local government and FDOT staff responsible for administering the operation of traffic control devices, such as traffic signs and signals. Issues discussed by the TOC include:

  • Establishing performance measures and recommending project priorities to be implemented with funds set-aside by the TPO for operational improvements.
  • Coordination and discussion of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
  • Other operations-related issues

For more information about the TOC, including meeting dates, locations and topics please contact TPO staff.


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