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Project Priorites


FY 2016-FY2020 SCTPO Project Priorities Development

The Space Coast TPO is now accepting applications for projects to be added to our Priority Project Lists.  These applications will be used by the SCTPO to qualify and prioritize proposed transportation-related projects for feasibility, corridor study and/or implementation using federal and state transportation funding.

There is a required FDOT Project Information Application that must be filled out for all projects. Please ensure the application includes a scope of work, tentative schedule and cost estimate for the requested phase of work.  This information is mandatory before FDOT can program projects with available State and Federal funding. 

The deadline for submittal of all project applications is 5:00 p.m. on Monday, June 23, 2014.

Project(s) should be adopted/endorsed by your Council, Commission or Board before the TPO adoption of SIS Projects on July 11, 2014 and Non-SIS Projects by September 11, 2014.

The SCTPO has seven categories of Priority Projects, which are:

  • Strategic Intermodal System (SIS) Roadway Projects
  • Other SIS Modes to include Aviation, Seaports, and Spaceport
  • Regionally Significant Non-SIS Roadway Projects (Capacity/Widening)
  • Non-Capacity / Other Arterials:  County-wide Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) and Intersection Improvements
  • Complete Streets Program
  • Corridor Planning Studies
  • Transportation Alternative (TA) Program:  On-Street Bicycle lanes, Sidewalk, Trails, School Safety


Note:  For the last three categories, Complete Streets, Corridor Studies and all TA Projects, the SCTPO Supplemental Project Application must be completed for scoring purposes.  This should be the first step before completing the FDOT application to ensure the projects are in existing Plans/Reports and are eligible.  The documents that must be used for scoring include the Complete Streets Methodology, the Bicycle Pedestrian Mobility Plan and the All Segments Listing – Alphabetical by Roadway Name. If you have questions concerning the SCTPO Supplemental Application scoring, please contact Leigh Holt at our office for assistance.

If you have a potential school safety project (previously known as Safe Routes to School), you have the option of filling out the FDOT application or the Safe Routes to School Application.


- 2013 Project Priorities Schedule

- FDOT Project Application (MS Word)

- SCTPO Supplemental Project Application (MS Word)

- Safe Routes to School Application (MS Word)

- Complete Streets Report Final

- Bicycle Pedestrian Mobility Plan


FY 2015-FY2019 SCTPO Project Priorities

2013 SIS Project Priorities

2013 NON - SIS Project Priorities


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