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Student Travel Survey

Since the year 2000, every two years the SCTPO has conducted a Student Travel Survey in Brevard County. On December 8, 2010 all teachers in the Brevard County School District asked their students a series of questions on how they got to school that day.

The results from the survey show areas of education or enforcement that may need to be focused on. For example, helmet usage has gone down over the past two years. With this information parents, teachers, school officials, and law enforcement can see that they all need to encourage and emphasize the importance of wearing a helmet while biking.

Some other statistics gathered in the survey include how many students; walk, bike, ride the bus, ride in a car, and ride with another student to school.

2012 Student Travel Survey Results

2012 Summary

2000-2012 Total Comparison

2000-2012 School Type Comparison

2000-2012 Individual School Comparison

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