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Traffic Counts

Each year, from October through February, the TPO conducts a traffic count program to monitor traffic level on major arterial and collector roadways in Brevard County. The approximately 500 count locations are 48 hour, bidirectional counts, midnight to midnight, Monday through Friday. These traffic counts are used by private citizens, local businesses, local government concurrency management systems and in the State of the System Report. Traffic counts are reported as the Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT), which means the number of vehicles expected to pass a given location on an average day of the year. To get the AADT, the counts are adjusted using FDOT’s Seasonal Adjustment Factors for each roadway segment. The AADT represents the total number of vehicles, in all lanes, in both directions, traveling within a defined segment each day.

Count results are maintained in an interactive Traffic Count Database System which provides current and previous year traffic volumes, count location details, trends, graphs, report and maps.

Interactive Traffic Count Database

User's Guide for Traffic Count Database

Historical Counts from 2000-2013

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